Why Buy Used Office Furniture Inventory

While budget is the most common reason most businesses choose used office  furniture over new office furniture there are several other great reasons for making this decision, including eco-consciousness and style.  

Why Buy Used Office Furniture?


1. Professional Design at a Discount: By investing in high quality used office furniture, you’re getting professional grade designs at a severely discounted price. One of the best things about purchasing used furniture is how affordable it is when compared to its “new” counterparts.  It’s typically a 1/3rd- 1/4th of the new price of the exact same product.   Smart shoppers know that buying used office furniture isn’t just convenient, but economical, as well.

2. Quality: When you buy your pre-owned office furniture from a trusted dealer, you’ll often find that your pieces show little to no sign of damage.  At Davena all our used workstations are touched up and  cleaned, and quite often the products are indistinguishable from new. Additionally, because you’re buying a high quality piece, you’re still reaping the benefits of the brand’s original design.

3. Resale Value: Used office  furniture, especially ones manufactured by a well-known brand, can retain 75% of its original value for five years. That means even if you purchase a used piece of furniture, you can still sell it after a while and make back most of your money.  Used cubicles and workstations hold their value extremely well and can frequently be resold in the open market for same price purchased.

4. Faster Delivery: Often, purchasing new office furniture from a high-end designer means weeks of waiting for the product to become available.  The lead  time for  most major manufacturers is about 6 weeks.

5. Environmentally Friendly: By choosing used office furniture over new furniture, your company is making a conscious design to reduce your carbon footprint and prevent these perfectly functional pieces from going into the landfill.

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Buying used also means you’re helping to keep furniture out of our landfills. Manufacturers promote themselves as being green, offer green manufacturing and use recycled materials to help our environment. Although I’m not opposed to any of those practices, you really can’t beat the green factor when buying used. No manufacturing required, maybe some trucking to get it from point A to point B but that’s about it.

used office furniture Long Island

 There truly are endless possibilities when buying used- there is so much available, and even what is available can be changed, reconfigured or even blended with a few new pieces to meet your exact vision or standard for your office. There are literally hundreds of thousands of cubicles, desks, chairs, tables… you name it, available and ready on the second hand market. So why would you wait 6 weeks for someone to produce new furniture, and charge you more to do so?

used office furniture Long Island

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