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Below is the sampling of our  used cubicle inventory  ranging from  500-$1500 a station. We have many more cubicles in stock that not listed here.Please reach out to us for any of your needs. 

Davena stocks used office cubicles, including cubicle walls and cubicle desks.

Used cubicles  offer a great value at substantial savings.  We carry Herman Miller, Steelcase and Knoll primarily.Used inventories pricing and avaiabilty changes daily and we have many more lots in stock. Please contact us for more options

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Why do office cubicles differ in price?

It is fairly easy to comprehend that from any given manufacturer a new office cubicle would be more expensive than a used cubicle. But how is it that often, used cubicles from a major manufacturer would be as expensive or more than new cubicle workstation from a no-name brand. 

Basically cubicle pricing comes down to these factors and in this order

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New, refurbished or used, an office cubicle’s value and thus cost come down to quality.  This can be most accurately judged by the manufacturer producing the product.. Big players such as Herman Miller, Steelcase and Knoll spend tremendous amounts on ergonomics, durability, Q & A, to ensure their products are the very highest quality and will last for generations.. And it shows both in the fit and finish as well as in the longevity of their product lines. In fact products such as the Herman Miller Eames line developed in the 50s are still going strong. The closest approximation to understanding this would be comparing premium luxury automobile vs a budget automobile.

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 The phrase “bigger is better” has some downsides in the office furniture environment. The larger the cubicle, the more material, hence the more expensive to manufacture, and therefore more expensive to buy, Generally taller office  cubicles will be more expensive than shorter and the same holds true for the footprint of  the workstation. An 8 by 8 cubicle will be more expensive than a 6 by 6 cubicle, all things being equal. Again if we refer the above reference, an SUV is obviously going to be more than a sub-compact.  If cost is an issue, which for most it is, choosing lower height cubes with a smaller footprint can save the business a considerable amount of money.

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Workstation Components

Workstations components are the third major factor in the cost of  purchasing cubicles. As cubicles are modular,  practically every environment is configured differently than one another, usually based on needs of the business itself.  The more components that are integrated with the cube, the more expensive they would tend to be.  Components are basically anything outside the cubicle walls and cubicle desks.   Additions of  midline electric, glass, overheads, file cabinets,  tool rails, monitor arms are essentially options,  and they increase both value and cost of  the workstation.  Sort of like buying a base model BMW vs one loaded… the cost is dramatically different.  Knowing which components are required vs which are a nicety is key before shopping for cubicles.

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