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Davena provides Long Island a variety of office cubicles from the major players in the office furniture industry.

office cubicles Long Island

When it comes to purchasing office cubicles in  Long Island, Davena Office  should be your first choice.

We carry a variety of heights, widths,  colors and pricing to meet the needs of anyone seeking to outfit their office. Whether you’re looking for new, refurbished or used office cubicles, Davena has everything you need from telemarketing pods to full height supervisor stations. We welcome you to contact us and learn why you should choose us as your office furniture provider.


  • 1. What manufacturer's products does Davena sell?

    Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll, Alsteel, and several other major manufacturers

  • 2. Does Davena sell any other manufacturer's products?

    We only sell products from the top ten manufacturers. We don's sell any clone product or knockoffs such as Sunline, or AIS and for good reasons. These products while being cheaper initially, tend to be of lower quality, have less flexibilty and have zero resale (secondary market) value. Since these product are not supported for extended periods, trying to find parts or fabrics for these stations could be probelmatic down the road. And because there is no secondary market you cant even find them used.

  • 3. I have seen some office cubicles new that are much cheaper than others. Why is that?

    A variety of factors affect pricing, but mainly they are 3 things the mostly affect prices of cubicles. Quality of materials, size and components within cubicles. Assuming size and components are the same, quality is typically the differentiating factor between one cubicle and the other. As the adage says, you get what you pay for.

  • 4. Does Davena provide office cubicles to all of Long Island?

    Yes we cover all of Long Island as well as NYC and NYC area of NJ and CT. We have been in providing installation services, warehousing and office cubicles to Long Island area for roughly 25 years. Located centrally in Farmingdale NY, it allows to reach most areas within the hour.

  • 5. How lond does it take to procure used and refurbished cubicles?.

    For simple items such as a couple desks or a file cabinet here or there would be within a week. Typically the lead time from acceptance of plan and pricing to delivery of a mid-sized office cubicle outift is roughly 2 weeks. Refurbished and special finished products typoically are out a bit further due to procuring new materials and usually addd another week or two. It would be wise to start looking at least 5-6 weeks before you need furniture as you will also need to coordinate cabling and, construction schedule and building access.

If you are seeking new refurbished or used cubicles in Long  Island , please reach out to us.   All we need to get started is some dimensions of the area in question, you color and height preferences and a budget. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

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