Office Furniture Liquidation 

Davena will buy  and sell your used cubicles and workstations

Davena specializes in whole office liquidations of cubicles for offices with more than 50 employees.


We will buy your cubicles and provide the manpower and trucks and the logistical planning  to remove your office furniture within your timeframe.  We can also liquidate chairs, desks and variety of other furniture items.

Your options when choosing to liquidate existing office furniture.

 If you are replacing some or all of the used furniture in your office, or you are moving to new office, you may have a lot of items that you no longer need,  to which you have a couple options at your disposal


  • Dispose-  This option while seemingly the easiest, is usually the most expensive option as you will need to pay a firm to dismantle remove from building and and truck to some future location.   The cost can get fairly expensive
  • Donate- While this option seems great, you would be surprised how hard this is actually to complete.  When there is time factor on your lease and you relying on strangers that have no financial or contractual responsibility to remove furniture, this can come back to bite you in the end.  You might have been better of just just disposing vs paying another months rent. Additionally, many times the entity who would like the furniture does not have means to physically remove the furniture.
  • Sell it yourself- This comes with its own set of problems. Unless you intend to pack and ship your furniture piece by piece and sell it over auction sites, you’ll need to find customers through the web which can be time consuming both to execute and then to secure buyers .  Even then, some furniture like conference tables may be difficult to locate a buyer for and you will most likely end up with leftover items.  And again the buyer frequently does not have means to properly remove.  Most of time they dont have the insurance coverage required by most buildings  to be allowed to remove the office furniture. Not good when the due date on your lease is fast approaching.
  • Let us handle it for you!

Davena should be your office furniture liquidator of choice.  Let us take on the burden of the logistics and labor. Davena will agree to pay set price for the lot, and remove by agreed the date, and then rest is left to us.  We give you commitment up front and balance due remitted on date of removal.  The cost of labor to dismantle and remove is already factored into our purchase cost.

Office Furniture Brands We Liquidate

Herman Miller Office Furniture
Steelcase office furniture
Knoll Office Furniture
Teknion Office Furniture
KI office furniture
Trendway Office Furniture

Davena should be your 1st choice when it comes to choosing an office furniture liquidator in NYC and Long Island.

Based in Long Island, we handle all NY and Long island  office furniture liquidations ourselves versus many of the liquidation companies who is essence are brokers, who outsource the labor, to well companies like us.  Our crew dismantles, loads and transports back to our local warehouse where we strip product down, clean touch-up  and reuse components to complement our inventory in our pre-owned and refurbished sales.

We take care of the project management, scheduling of trades and logistics from start to finish.  And we get you a return on your original investment.

How Much Is My Used Cubicle Worth?

 This is a frequent question by those who have purchased new and have spent upwards of 2k  per station.. They are usually looking to get half of that.   Sadly what was paid for said office cubicle is not a good measure of its used worth.  Essentially the value is what it can be sold on in the used market less labor cost and profit.  Usually this number is vastly less than what was paid and the owners of the office furniture typically are wondering why so little. 

The average price for a used 6 by 6 cubicle costs around $850 a cube or about 1/3 of new price. But that $850 assumes it has been cleaned and touched up and is in like new condition. You need to figure around $200, in material labor and storage  goes into every office cubicle from when it gets to  any used facility.. and then you have to subtract the cost of the dismantle and the shipping costs that are provided. Let’s assume in a NYC market with overtime and their stringent removal conditions, that is another $200. So your cubicle  that could potentially be sold at $850 is now worth no more than $450.  However  most liquidators are not going to expend the $400 in labor and effort  to buy a used cubicle for $450 to sell for $850, as there is no money in equation.  The profit for any reseller therefore comes at discounting the price from the $450.. Most cubicles are liquidated from $100 to $250 range.  This way the end user, saves the $200 per cube cost  for  dismantle and removal, recoups some of original investment, and the liquidator can make $200-350 per cube.

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