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Davena offers a wide range of office furniture services.

Office Furniture Installattion

Office Furniture Installation

Cubicle Refurbishing

Cubicle Refurbishment

Workstation Reconfiguration

Workstation Reconfiguration

Office Furniture Repair and Maintenance

Office Furniture Repair and Maintenance

Cubicle Liquidation

Cubicle Liquidation

 Office Furniture Warehousing and Storage

Furniture Warehousing and Storage

Office Furniture Installation 

Davena’s office furniture installation technicians are experienced in the assembly procedures for a variety of high quality office cubicle and panel systems, ranging from the individual office to multistate office furniture projects.

Thanks to years of training and experience, our staff is well versed in the installation of a variety of office furniture systems from manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Haworth, Gunlocke, Kimball, Steelcase, Knoll, Trendway and more. We also offer complete office furniture installation and cubicle installation services for conventional and specialized furniture and equipment.

On every major project that Davena undertakes, an experienced project manager executes the following procedures to ensure a quality installation and a satisfied customer:

  • Check and review all plans and specifications.
  • Supply required insurance certificates and security documents to building, and if possible meet with building manager.
  • Field measure the job site to verify that the dimensions on site conform to those on plans.
  • Attend all necessary project meetings with concerned parties and trades involved, in order to complete the project in the most efficient, timely and agreeable manner.
  • Coordinate with with electrical, telephone and data contractor and any other trades that will have an impact on the office furniture installation schedule.
  • Formulate a  project schedule based on the information collected from the project meetings, which indicates the dates and times of delivery, installation and completion of the office furniture.
  • Distribute the aforementioned schedule to all parties to confirm that the information, dates and times are indeed correct and agreed upon, and that the project will be completed as per schedule.
  • Discuss the flexibility of schedule with any party and will revise if possible to cater to the needs of parties.
  • Incorporate same aforementioned methods to manage the dismantle and/or relocation of existing cubicles.
  • Receive, inventory and inspect all office furniture, workstations and casegoods at our warehouse or job site.
  • Assemble the appropriate office furniture installation team for the job – each with extensive training in all manufacturers’ specifications.
  • Provide daily and/or weekly field inspections, pictures, and written reports as required to monitor the project’s progress.
  • List problematic situations and punch list items if any, and forward to the respective parties for their review.

Upon completion of each phase of project a walk through will be performed with user or user’s rep to ensure their satisfaction with Davena’s cubicle installation at which point a sign off will be required. 

Finally when the project is totally complete, each client is emailed a post project evaluation to fill out, in which the client can provide feedback on both the quality of product and service provided.


office furniture installation
office furniture installations
office furniture installation

Office Furniture Refurbishing

Refurbishing existing office cubicles is an economical alternative to purchasing new ones.

By changing the color and the fabric of your existing partitions one can drastically enhance the appearance of company’s office environment  at a fraction of the cost of replacing those partitions.  The average cost to re-upholster a station is around $380.00  as compared to purchasing an average used station at $900.00 or a new station at $2000.00 (not including freight) Davena specializes in the refurbishment  of partition systems from a variety of manufacturers, and can assist you in all aspects of this process including the selection and purchasing of the fabric.
We currently supply Guilford of Maine and Maharan Fabrics but you may supply your own fabric if desired. To view several of the fabrics that may be utilized in your panel re-upholstery process please visit their web site here.

All of our refurbished office furniture undergoes the following steps to ensure that our product is delivered in a ‘like new’ condition:

  • Cubicle walls and/or office partitions are recovered with new fabric of customer’s choice.
  •  Trim parts and pieces are prepped, primed and receive a fresh coat of paint of customer’s choice.
  • Any part that is not available on the remanufactured market is substituted with a new part.
  • Electrical parts are never altered therefore retaining their UL listing

For a more thorough review of refurbished office furniture please click here.

Refurbished Office Furniture

office furniture installation
office furniture installation
office furniture installation


If you occupy a modular office system and you wish to change the arrangement, Davena can analyze your needs and handle any changes or adjustments that you request, including the coordination of other times.

Our project coordinator will assist your staff in the various schedules needed to insure that everything goes smoothly. We can inventory your existing furniture and equipment and then determine what additional items are needed to complete the reconfiguration.  We can also disassemble the existing furniture and reconfigure it to your new plan with the least amount of down time for your entire company.

office furniture installation
office furniture installations
office furniture installations

Office Furniture Repair and Maintenance

Furniture Repair & Maintenance

Have a problem with you file drawer?  Is your electric not operating correctly?  Need keys for your overheads? Is your desk falling apart? Need a surface touched up? Does your chair continually sink? Davena technicians can handle all your office furniture field repairs needs. In most cases we are able to send a technician to your site within 24 hours to diagnose your problem and repair if possible.   Years of office furniture repair has enabled us to gather the the experience needed to repair the most complex and often oddest of problems that may arise with your current systems.

Our staff will assist you in extending the life span of your investment in furniture by maintaining its appearance and functionality, thereby saving your corporation time and money in the long run.  Davena Office Environments would like to retain you as a continuing customer, and offers a service and maintenance program tailored to each customer’s specific needs.


Office Furniture and Cubicle Cleaning

Cubicle walls exteriors are upholstered with fabric.  These fabric walls tend to be covered with dust and grime. Employees spending 8 hours a day at their workstations breathing in the accumulated dust. The dust can contribute to allergies and lead to poor employee health.  Less sneezing and coughing in the workplace is always a good thing.  Over time, dirt becomes embedded in fabric and wears away at the fibers weakening the upholstery so much that it requires early replacement.  Steam cleaning is relatively inexpensive and can breathe new life into your existing office furniture. Task chairs, couches, workstation panels, and modular panels can be made like new by our safe, biodegradable cleaning products.  Not only will the cleaning process rid you of unwanted dust and air born allergens it can prolong the life of your furniture and make the whole office look better.

Not only will the cleaning process rid you of unwanted dust and air born allergens it can prolong the life of your furniture and make the whole office lookbetter.
Steam cleaning office partitions onsite
Steam cleaning partitions before delivery

Warehousing and Delivery

We maintain a full service warehouse capable of handling all your receiving, deliveries and storage. We are fully equipped with furniture pads, dollies, panel carts, containers, trucks and trailers. We are able to:

  • Inventory and store your excess product in warehouse facilities.
  • Protect your furniture for short- or long-term storage
  • Deliver and warehouse your product 7 days a week 24 hours a day.
    Davena's warehouse
    Davena Forklift
    Davena's fleet

    Cubicle Liquidation

    Office furniture liquidation for Cubicles only in quantities of 50 or more.

    Are you you relocating and need to sell your office furniture?  Or are you seeking to purchase new office furniture and have to get rd of all of your office used furniture? For clients with 100+ end users per site, we offer  3 services to help you liquidate your  office furniture inventory, depending on your financial requirements and project timeline:

    Product Acquisition-Applies to Cubicles and Workstations only, 50 station minimum
    With Product Acquisition we purchase your inventory and immediately take title and delivery of the goods at an agreed upon price, less the cost of dismantle, packing and shipping. This service uses a more traditional approach to bulk office furniture liquidation.  We help you avoid operational downtime, lease lapse and/or loss of company focus.

    Disposition Management-200 user minimum
    With Disposition Management we manage the complete end-to-end disposition process across our network of online and offline marketplaces on a revenue sharing basis. Davena will offer your office furniture to our clients at prices above traditional bulk liquidation valuations, without you having to incur costly fulfillment and resource obligations.

    For online dispositions, we perform various functions including bulk product breakdown, image capture, product description summary, auction and store postings, payment reconciliation, fulfillment services, and first level customer service. For offline dispositions, we utilize our extensive internal database comprised of thousands of qualified and segmented buyers.

    This entire process of liquidating your office furniture is handled by our experienced staff. This service typically takes longer to complete, but our clients often realize higher value for their excess inventory.

    Workstation Valuation Credit
    We have recently developed a trade-in system for clients who already have used furniture but desire to change their current model, color, height or age of furniture without incurring the high cost of disposing of their existing product and purchasing new. Davena can take possession of your existing workstations, cubicles, desks and other office furniture, and based on its age and condition give you a credit per station that you can utilize to purchase new product, product from our existing inventory or to be used as credit for when new inventory becomes available.

     Depending on which service best suits your individual needs, we can purchase your inventory outright as part of the Product Acquisition Service; assign a broker’s commission per station and commence  the Auction Management & Disposition Service; or have a project manager assess your current furniture to formulate an Asset Trade-In Value.

    If you have a special situation or needs that are not covered here, please call us at 631-293-2016 to discuss your specific requirements. We can probably design a specialized office furniture liquidation program to help you reach your goal.


    Davena buys and sells used office furniture.

    office furniture liquidation
    office liquidation
    office furniture liquidation

    Office Furniture Moving and Relocation

    Davena can relocate your office furniture from your old office to new saving you the hassle of struggling with the typical moving company.

    Would you hire a carpenter to do your electrical work?  That is the same concepts of hiring a  mover to dismantle and relocate your office furniture. When you need to relocate your office furniture and cubicles don’t let your box moving company attempt to tackle project. Granted they may be cheap and reassure you they can do everything but the reality is they don’t have the skills, the knowledge or the software to accurately inventory and relocate items.  I have seen it before, panels leaned on wall haphazardly with improper wall protection, all parts mixed up in moving bin, parts damaged and and missing, so install is impeded or incomplete. Don’t let this happen to you. .Hire a professional.


    Do it once and do it right

    Once hired to complete a project we will visit site, field measure and inventory all items on site and generate a cad plan and spreadsheet of all items to be relocated.   We generally will provide a plan with locations and computer printed labels for all items and will pack it properly so that the furniture is assembled properly at the new site with no damage and no missing pieces. We will also coordinate move and install with building managers, movers, electrician and other trades so your project goes smoothly, on time, in budget with no surprises

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