Refurbished Office Furniture 

Remanufactured cubicles offer customized  selections that used cubicles cannot, such as fabric colors, and laminate choices,  which  are indistinguishable from  the same new cubicle and at roughly half the cost.

Refurbished  Office Furniture Near Me 

Davena understands that in today’s economy companies are looking to positively impact their bottom line while still providing their employees with a high quality, comfortable, well designed work environment. We can help your company achieve that goal by supplying refurbished workstations, saving you at least 50% of cost of new furniture.. We can meet your precise size, color and fabric needs so that the refurbished product will match your existing product exactly.

Why Buy Refurbished Office Furniture?

It’s more affordable.

One of the main reasons why people buy refurbished office furniture is to save more money, obviously. You can purchase furniture for considerably less compared to buying new.  At Davena Office Environments , our clients are unable to distinguish the difference from our new furniture from refurbished furniture. Therefore, your employees and clients will have a difficult time distinguishing the difference as well. .Refurbished cubicles fall somewhere between the cost of used and and new and are frequently made up of used, refurbished and new components and is typically at least half the cost of new

Buying refurbished office furniture is more eco-friendly.

When most people buy new furniture, they throw out their old furniture. The old furniture ends up in a landfill, which has a negative impact on our planet. Buying refurbished is not only cost-effective, it can save the planet for future generations. View our fine selection of refurbished office furniture items.

Refurbished  Office Furniture is customizable to your color preferences.

In and ideal world, if budget was a concern, you would be able to find the exact fit and finish for your new office in used office furniture. But for those who can’t a good used option or for others who want exactly the colors and fabrics of their choice, refurbished is great choice.. usually you will be able to pick the following:

  • choice of laminate style and color
  • choice of filing color
  • trim color
  • fabric of your choice

As you tell from the list of choices above, refurbished, has many components of new in it. As such many also refer to it as remanufactured office furniture as the surfaces, the trim, the filing and the fabric is new. And when Davena supplies to our customers, it indeed is indistinguishable from new, but at saving of about 50%.


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refurbished office furniture

Cubicle Refurbishment Process

All of our refurbished office furniture undergoes the following steps to ensure that our product is delivered in a ‘like new’ condition:

  •  Cubicle walls and office partitions are recovered with new fabric of customer’s choice.
  •  Cubicle trim parts and pieces are prepped, primed and receive a fresh coat of paint of customer’s choice.
  • Once painted, the cubicle trim is clear coated to prevent wear to underlying finish
  • File cabinets are order new per customers choice. We don’t believe in repainting file cabinets
  • Other storage units and modular furniture may be touched up, never repainted
  • Laminate surfaces are ordered new per grain, thickness and color specification.
  • Any part that is not available on the re-manufactured market is substituted with a new part from OEM.
  • Electrical parts are never altered therefore retaining their UL listing
refurbished office furniture
refurbished office furniture
refurbished cubicle

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