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Just some of the more popular systems that we are adept in:

AIS Matrix
AIS Mwall
Allsteel Concencys
Allsteel Terrace
Haworth Places
Haworth Premise
Haworth Unigroup
Herman Miller AO1 and A02
Herman Miller Ethospace
Herman Miller Pasage
Herman Miller Resolve
HON Maxon
Kimball Cetra
Kimball Reasons
Kimball Xsite
Knoll Dividends
Knoll Equity
Knoll Morrison
Marvel Quorum
Steelcase Answer
Steelcase Avenir
Steelcase Kick
Steelcase Montage
Steelcase SC9000
Teknion Leverage
Teknion T/O/S

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Repairs & Maintenance
Have a problem with you file drawer?  Is your electric not operating correctly?  Need keys for your overheads? Is your desk falling apart? Need a surface touched up? Does your chair continually sink? Davena Service technicians can handle all your office furniture field repairs needs. In most cases we are able to send a technician to your site within 24 hours to diagnose your problem and repair if possible.   Years of office furniture repair has enabled us to gather the the experience needed to repair the most complex and often oddest of problems that may arise with your current systems. 

Our staff will assist you in extending the life span of your investment in furniture by maintaining its appearance and functionality, thereby saving your corporation time and money in the long run.  Davena Services would like to retain you as a continuing customer, and offers a service and maintenance program tailored to each customer's specific needs.

Panel and Upholstery Cleaning
Over time, dirt becomes embedded in fabric and wears away at the fibers weakening the upholstery so much that it requires early replacement.  Steam cleaning is relatively inexpensive and can breathe new life into your old office furnishings. Task chairs, couches, workstation panels, and modular panels can be made like new by our safe, biodegradable cleaning products.

Price to clean on site (depending on location):
$1.30-1.50 per sq ft of fabric (both sides)
(To calculate take height times width times number of panels times price per square foot.)

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