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Just some of the more popular systems that we are adept in:

AIS Matrix
AIS Mwall
Allsteel Concencys
Allsteel Terrace
Haworth Places
Haworth Premise
Haworth Unigroup
Herman Miller AO1 and A02
Herman Miller Ethospace
Herman Miller Pasage
Herman Miller Resolve
HON Maxon
Kimball Cetra
Kimball Reasons
Kimball Xsite
Knoll Dividends
Knoll Equity
Knoll Morrison
Marvel Quorum
Steelcase Answer
Steelcase Avenir
Steelcase Kick
Steelcase Montage
Steelcase SC9000
Teknion Leverage
Teknion T/O/S

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If you occupy a modular office system and you wish to change the arrangement, Davena can analyze your needs and handle any changes or adjustments that you request, including the coordination of other times.

Our project coordinator will assist your staff in the various schedules needed to insure that everything goes smoothly. We can inventory your existing furniture and equipment and then determine what additional items are needed to complete the reconfiguration.  We can also disassemble the existing furniture and reconfigure it to your new plan with the least amount of down time for your entire company.



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Davena Office Environments
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