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To provide our clients with an unparalleled degree of expertise in the execution of office furniture installations and purchases at the most competitive prices.

Customer Testimonial
"I used Davena for the electrical, the dismantling of workstation, the re-installation of workstation, and disposal of office furniture. I found it very convenient to deal with one vendor than to co-ordinate all these activities with several vendors."
Melody Shun
Future Electronics|

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Letter From the President
Originally operated as the installation department of Office Pavilion Specmark of New York, Inc.(a Herman Miller dealer which was eventually acquired by WB Wood), Davena Services, Inc. separated from Specmark in 1994 and has been a family operated business ever since.  Affiliations made at Specmark have assisted Davena considerably in the area of intermarket services.  We have established excellent working relationships with at least twenty Herman Miller dealers located throughout the country. On January 1, 2003, we  returned to Long Island and have set up our base of operations in Farmingdale, New York, where we have increased our resources and our ability to service the inter-market furniture industry.

While our emphasis in the past has been on the delivery and installation of office systems and furniture, we have adapted to the needs of our clients, and are now active in relocation, electrical work, refurbishing and warehousing. The integration of the services makes projects easier and more efficient for our clients. We are flexible and will work with our customers to insure that their project(s) run smoothly, whatever the size.

Our staff is comprised of reliable and competent personnel whose technical expertise have enhanced our reputation and made us one of the leading companies in this business. My own experience in the field has been extensive. I have spent the over 20 years in the service sector of office furniture as well as eight years in the construction business and five years in interior design. I have managed to attract and retain a number of the most prominent corporations as my clients.  Corporations such as Microsoft, Chase Mortgage, The Gap, HSBC, and AIG to name just but a few, utilize my services  in the tri-sate area.

I can imagine that you may have some questions regarding my credibility and performance, and I would welcome the opportunity to answers questions that you may have. Within this website you will find a more thorough description of the services we provide as well as a list of several of the better known users we have completed projects for. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time either by email or by phone.


Kenneth Ramroop

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